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The Clean Car Discount is an initiative aimed at reducing CO2 emissions by making it more affordable to buy Electric Vehicles (EV) and Plug-In Hybrid Vehicles (PHEV) in New Zealand. This takes the form of a rebate – or money back from the Government – on eligible EV and PHEV purchases. It took effect on 1 July 2021.

The Clean Car Discount is the first part of a larger Clean Car Programme which, subject to legislation, will come into effect from 1 April 2022. The full programme will be based on the CO2 emissions of vehicles, with those with zero or low emissions qualifying for a rebate and those with higher emissions incurring a fee. More on this below.

Which vehicles does the rebate apply to?

The Clean Car Discount applies to new EV and PHEVs, and imported EV and PHEVs registered in New Zealand for the first time between 1 July and 31 March 2022.

The vehicle must cost no more that $80,000 including GST and on road costs and must have a minimum 3 star safety rating. Any vehicles costing over $80,000 inc GST and ORC and/or without a 3 star safety rating or higher are excluded from the rebate. The RightCar website is the standard reference point for the safety rating.

The rebate does not apply to full Hybrid vehicles (those with dual petrol and electric engines but not able to be plugged in) nor any vehicles with internal combustion engines (petrol or diesel models).

How much is the rebate?

The rebates will vary depending on the vehicle you buy and are subject to fund availability:*

New EV $8,625

New PHEV $5,750

Used EV $3,450

Used PHEV $2,300

Note that the term ‘used’ here applies to imported EV and PHEVs that have come into the country and are being registered in New Zealand for the first time between 1 July and 31 March 2022. It does not apply to any other used vehicles.

* The rebate is paid by the Government from fund of approximately $300 million they have set aside to start the programme. This fund is finite and if due to demand, the money runs out before 31 March 2022, there will be no rebate available until it is replenished. This would occur when the programme restarts and only vehicles registered after the restart date would be eligible for the rebate (there would be no back payment of rebates). Therefore these figures are all subject to availability.

Once the second part of the programme comes into effect (subject to legislation) the fees collected on the sale of vehicles with high CO2 emissions will be used to fund the rebates, making it sustainable and effectively cost neutral for the Government.

Clean Car Discount Brendan Foot Supersite

How does the Clean Car Discount work?

Once you’ve found the EV or PHEV you would like to buy, check that the rebate will apply (ie, that the vehicle comes within the  $80,000 inc GST and ORC threshold and has a minimum 3 star safety rating) and buy the vehicle. You then apply online to Waka Kotahi (NZ Transport Agency) for the rebate, providing the sale agreement, numberplate details and your bank account. Once approved the rebate is paid directly to your bank account.

It’s important to note that the dealership is not involved in this process and that the rebate amount does not come off the total cost paid to the dealer at the time of the sale. You must pay for the vehicle first, with the rebate being a transaction between yourself and Waka Kotahi. See more here.

What changes in January 2022

From 1 January 2022, and subject to legislation being passed, the full Clean Car Programme will come into force. At this time every new and used vehicle (ie, those being registered for the first time in New Zealand) will be subject to either a rebate or a fee, based on its CO2 emissions. Vehicles with no emissions (EVs) or emissions falling below a certain CO2 rating band will eligible for a rebate, and those with higher emissions will be charged a fee. Vehicles with higher emissions will attract higher fees; those buying vehicles with lower emissions relative to the target CO2 will pay lower fees.

It is expected that petrol-powered hybrid vehicles (those not able to be plugged in) and some low emission petrol vehicles may also be eligible for a rebate.

More details on the fees and rebates applicable from 1 January 2022 will become available over the coming months, however indications are that the maximum fee on a high emission vehicle will be $5,175.

For more information on the Clean Car Discount rebates that came into effect on 1 July 2021 and the programme from 2022, see the Waka Kotahi website. This site is regularly updated and will answer any questions you may have.

Which models are eligible?

We have a number of EV and PHEVs available which are eligible for the rebate. Please talk to our sales team or see our EV & Hybrid vehicles page for more information.

The vehicles we have that are currently eligible for the Clean Car Discount are:

Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross PHEV all models from $49,990 + ORC
Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV all models from $52,490 + ORC

Hyundai Kona Electric models from $69,990 + ORC (excludes Elite 64 kWh)
Hyundai Ioniq PHEV all models from $53,990 + ORC
Hyundai Ioniq EV all models from $59,990 + ORC

Kia Niro PHEV all models from $55,990 + ORC
Kia Niro EV EX and SX models from $77,990 + ORC
Kia Sorento PHEV EX model from $73,990 + ORC

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What are On Road Costs?

On Road Costs (ORC) are the costs involved in us receiving a new vehicle from the manufacturer and preparing it for sale. These include, but are not limited to, dealer pre-delivery costs such as a mechanical inspection and WOF, a full groom and a full tank of fuel, plus the new vehicle registration fee and Road User Charges (for diesel vehicles).

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Greytown Weekend & Getaway Car Competition Terms & Conditions, 1 Nov 2021 to 20 February 2022

Win your choice of new car from Brendan Foot Supersite’s selection to take for a night for two at The White Swan Hotel in Greytown!

1. Promotion Description
The Promotion involves registrants and official volunteers for the 2022 Brendan Foot Supersite Round the Bays who are 25 years or older selecting a vehicle from a competition page on the Brendan Foot Supersite website. Before the 2022 Brendan Foot Supersite Round the Bays event on 20 February 2022 ten lucky people will win for their personal use a prize consisting of:

Their chosen vehicle to be used in conjunction with a one night stay in a Deluxe suite plus breakfast for two at The White Swan Hotel in Greytown.

The winners will be selected randomly after registration has closed.
The winners will be contacted by the Promoter using the contact details provided in that entrant’s registration. If the Promoter is unable to contact any winner, or that winner does not respond to the Promoter’s contact within 24 hours of the draw, then that winner forfeits the Prize and the Promoter will draw another winner to a total of ten prizes.

2. Terms and Conditions
By registering for this Promotion you agree to be bound by these terms and conditions.

3. Registration
a) You must have registered for the 2022 Brendan Foot Supersite Round the Bays, or signed up to be an official volunteer for the event.
b) The Registration Period closes 4pm on 19 February 2022.
c) Register via during the Promotion Period and complete the registration form. Entry details must be the same as provided for Round the Bays registration.
d) You must be 25 years or older.
e) By registering for the Promotion you will go into the draw to win the vehicle selected on the Getaway Car page, and a night for two at The White Swan Hotel Deluxe suite, plus breakfast for two.
f) Only one entry for the Greytown Weekend & Getaway Car competition per 2022 Brendan Foot Supersite Round the Bays registration, or per official volunteer.
g) A 2022 Brendan Foot Supersite Round the Bays Family Registration qualifies for one entry in the Greytown Weekend & Getaway Car Competition.

4. Prize
Choose Your Get-Away Car and night for two at The White Swan Hotel
Each of the ten winners of the Greytown Weekend & Getaway Car Competition will have for their personal use:
Their chosen vehicle to be used in conjunction with a one night stay in a Deluxe suite plus breakfast for two at The White Swan Hotel in Greytown, to be taken before 1 December 2022.
The accommodation is subject to availability and is to be booked directly with The White Swan.
The winner will need to contact Brendan Foot Supersite two weeks in advance of the date the vehicle is required. The vehicle is to be collected from Brendan Foot Supersite on the day of the accommodation booking and returned the day after. The vehicle collection and return are to be at agreed times and these will be within Brendan Foot Supersite’s opening hours.
Any other costs or charges associated with the vehicle or accommodation use are the responsibility of the prize winner, NOT Brendan Foot Supersite.
In the case that their chosen vehicle is not available the winner will be contacted and offered other choice/s. Specification and vehicle colour will be subject to availability.
The winner will be required to have a full New Zealand Driver’s Licence which is current and correct with no impairments pending, and sign a Loan Vehicle Agreement which outlines conditions covering vehicle driver responsibilities, damage, insurance excess of $3,000, fines and regular maintenance.
Brendan Foot Supersite will have the right to inspect the vehicle at their request during the loan period.
Any damage must be reported to Brendan Foot Supersite as soon as possible after the damage occurred. Reasonable wear and tear of the vehicle will be accepted. Any excess wear and tear may be subject to charges to return the vehicle to a suitable state.
No modification or maintenance of the vehicle is permitted.

5. General
a) This Promotion is not open to employees of the Promoter, Nuku Ora, and their families, its related companies, agents and affiliates.
b) The winner is responsible for all additional costs in excess of the prize value.
c) The prize is not redeemable for cash.
d) The Promoter’s decision on all matters is final and no correspondence or discussion will be entered into.
e) You agree that if you participate in the Promotion, your name and photograph or any footage from the Promotion may be used for publicity purposes in all media by the Promoter, without remuneration.
f) To the extent permitted by law, the Promoter and Nuku Ora and any other person or party associated with this Promotion shall not be liable to you in respect of any loss, damage or injury whatsoever (including, but not limited to, any direct, indirect, and/or consequential loss or damage), including personal injury suffered as a result of, or arising in connection with, the Promotion or winning (or not winning) the prize.
g) The winner may designate someone else to accept the prize on their behalf only with prior approval from the Promoter. If the winner is unable or unwilling to accept the prize, the Promoter may choose an alternate winner.
h) The Promoter is committed to protecting your privacy. The Promoter will collect and use your details for the purposes of running this Promotion and in accordance with these terms and conditions. The Promoter may also use your details to send you marketing and promotional material. You can access and request correction of your personal information, or unsubscribe from any further communication by contacting the Promoter on 04 587 0005 or sending a message to You can also unsubscribe from any Brendan Foot Supersite emails at the bottom of the message. If you unsubscribe you won’t be contacted by The Promoter again.
i) These terms and conditions are governed by New Zealand law and any dispute arising out of or in connection with them will be subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the New Zealand courts.
j) Brendan Foot Supersite is the promoter of this Promotion and may modify these terms and conditions at any time without notice. The Promoter reserves the right to cancel, suspend or change the Promotion or any element of the Promotion for any reason, including any cancellation, suspension or change necessitated by any event outside of Promoter’s control.