Find the right electric car for you

Cleaner, quieter, and cheaper to run – at BFS, you’ll find one of the biggest ranges of hybrids and EVs under one roof

EV, Plug-in, or Hybrid?

It’s so confusing! Here’s some info about the different options available to see which one suits you best

Electric Vehicles

‘EV’ stands for electric vehicle. An EV is a plug-in vehicle that has an electric motor and is powered by a rechargeable battery. EVs can be charged at home or public charging stations around New Zealand.

Plug-in Hybrid (PHEV)

A Plug-In Hybrid EV (PHEV) has an electric motor and a petrol engine. It’s powered by a rechargeable plug-in battery and petrol. When driving, it runs on electric power until the battery runs low, then the petrol engine takes over and the battery is recharged. PHEVs can be recharged at home or public charging stations.


A hybrid has an electric motor and a petrol/diesel engine. An electric battery and fuel power it, but it doesn’t need plugging in to charge the battery. When travelling at slow speeds it runs on electric power only, and when accelerating hard it uses the petrol or diesel engine.

Why choose electric or hybrid?

Changing from petrol or diesel to electric or hybrid can feel like a big change. Our experts will help you feel confident making the switch. You’ll save heaps on fuel and reduce your carbon footprint.

  • More eco-friendly

EVs and hybrid cars output less CO2 than cars with a petrol or diesel engine.

  • Plug in anywhere

Home chargers are a great way to charge your EV or PHEV at home while you sleep. And, if you order an Evnex home charger through us, you’ll save $175! You’ll find public chargers at least every 75km on most state highways, with more chargers being added by ChargeNet and energy companies all the time.

  • Cheaper to run

Lower your fuel and car maintenance costs. There are fewer parts in an EV to repair or replace. Most power companies offer low rates for overnight EV charging.

Hybrids don’t have RUC so you can save even more towards your maintenance costs.

  • High performance

EVs and hybrids have no shortage of power with the bonus of no engine noise. They can zip up hills, and regenerative braking means they can even charge going downhill.

Hybrid Cars

Electric Cars (EVs)