We make finance easy for you at Brendan Foot Supersite and we can provide the best finance arrangement to get you in your next vehicle.

Benefits of financing your vehicle

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Finance Options

Drive Advantage is our Guaranteed Future Value (GFV) finance product which gives you a flexible and easy way to purchase your new vehicle. It’s available on our Hyundai, Kia, Mitsubishi, Suzuki, and Isuzu range.

How it works

Choose the following:
– How long you would like to keep the vehicle for.
– Your deposit amount.
– Choose your mileage allowance.

Make fixed weekly payments over the course of the agreement and then at the end you have three choices:
– Give the car back to us.
– Swap it for another one of our range.
– Pay a pre-agreed amount to keep the vehicle.

Why use Drive Advantage?

Drive Advantage is ideal if you are looking for control over your options at the end of the contract and the opportunity to easily upgrade to the latest models. The Guaranteed Future Value is stated before you start the agreement so you have peace of mind of what your vehicle is worth at the end of the contract.

Hire Purchase is a straightforward way of financing your new car. It simply splits the payment for your vehicle over a set number of weeks. You can choose the length of the repayment period, between 1-5 years. The repayments are then fixed so there’s no variation if interest rates change. Hire Purchase is available on any new or used vehicle we sell.

How it works

Choose how much deposit you wish to pay upfront and how long you would like to pay over (between 1-5 years).

Then make fixed weekly payments over the course of the agreement.

Once the term finishes you will be the owner of the vehicle.

Why use Hire Purchase?

Hire Purchase is ideal if you intend to keep your vehicle after the finance agreement has been completed. If you don’t regularly change your vehicle, this could be the right option for you.

If you are looking to finance a vehicle for business use, we can offer lease rates through our lease partners. A business lease can be tailored to how you are looking to use the vehicle and how long you want it for. Lease quotes can be calculated against any vehicle. Ask our team about getting a quote today.

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We provide a full range of insurance options designed to protect both your purchase and your loan. We can explain the benefits of insurance and provide the terms and conditions so you can make an informed choice. The products we can advise on are:

  • Motor Vehicle Insurance
  • Payment Protection Insurance
  • GAP Insurance
  • Mechanical Breakdown Plans

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