First came the Staria passenger van, known for its futuristic space-like looks, and then came its sibling, the Staria Load, released in August 2021. It immediately changed the game for tradies, delivery drivers and many other businesses, offering ample space and an extensive range of safety features. The vehicle has won the 2021 New Zealand Company Vehicle of the Year and Stuff’s Top Car for Work award. And in a first for the commercial van segment, Staria Load was recently awarded a 5 star ANCAP safety rating, using the tough 2020-2022 testing protocols. 

So, what really makes the Staria Load stand out from its competitors?  


No doubt that from the exterior it looks like your average size van, but it’s a different story once you get it in. The Staria Load is designed for easy loading and unloading of materials, making it the ideal companion for trips to the hardware store. It contains 4,935 litres of cargo space and has a side sliding door that opens 870mm wide making it highly accessible for forklifts to access cargo in the back.  

Hyundai has also included clever overhead storage compartments to keep things tidy in the cab. Work bags, keys, lunch, paperwork and extra clothing can all be neatly stored. The extra compartments allow for a spacious driving experience in the front. Furthermore, they’ve made some smart design touches like managing to hide the transmission tunnel, allowing for a flat floor all the way to the front. Having an electronic parking brake also saves space in the front meaning more room for that tricky middle seat. 


It’s official – the Staria Load is currently the safest van in New Zealand. It was tested in late 2021 and has since received a maximum 5-star safety rating from ANCAP. The van includes dual front, side chest and side head-protecting airbags, as well as a centre airbag to protect occupants up front. It scored an 85% for adult occupant protection and a 90% for crash avoidance (the first van to ever do so). Staria Load also comes with autonomous emergency braking, lane keep assist and blind-spot monitoring. 

A haptic feedback steering wheel linked to the driver assistance systems means keeping the vehicle safe becomes more intuitive. The level of safety specification is akin to that of most top-end passenger vehicles and leads to a more comfortable driving experience overall. 

Total cost of ownership  

The benefits continue with Staria Load having a cheaper total cost of ownership by up to $11,000 over 4 years, compared to the Toyota Hiace. It is also very economical when it comes to fuel consumption using just 7.1L/100km. In comparison, LDV’s G10 uses 8.6L/100km and Toyota Hiace uses 8.2L/100kms. Safety leans into this as well, with crash avoidance and driver assistance meaning Staria Loads are less likely to be involved in accidents compared to rival vans. Savings on insurance excesses and time spent off the road for repairs should not be overlooked.


Employers of all sizes are responsible for the safety and wellbeing of their staff. For businesses that have drivers on the road, the choice of vehicle is paramount. Staria Load is the safest van in New Zealand, full stop. With Staria Load in the fleet, employers can feel assured they have taken a fundamental step to ensure their employees’ safety when driving. And for those self-employed or owner-drivers, it makes just as much sense to look after the company’s key asset – yourself!

Hyundai didn’t need to reinvent the wheel with this van, instead they have taken a huge step forward. They have understood the needs of everyday users with small but significant design changes. They’ve understood safety is not meant to be a luxury in commercial vehicles. The Staria Load design is futuristic, and it relays that impression onto the businesses that own them. Importantly there are no weak points, which is why we highly recommend it to any commercial buyer. We think Staria Load is a game-changer.