When it comes to selecting a vehicle there are a lot of people who value the opinion of a mechanic (auto technician in today’s language). And when the mechanic is a car buff, owns a Mercedes and who’s recently been enjoying his Nissan 350Z Fairlady sports car, their opinion could be even more useful.

So when Noel, a mechanic for a Mercedes dealership, bought a Suzuki Swift Sport recently we thought others might like to know a bit more.

One super styley Swift

Noel and his father came to Brendan Foot Supersite to jointly purchase a ute. They soon decided that their needs were different and that they would be better off buying a vehicle each. So Noel’s father bought a ute, and Noel was drawn to the Swift Sport.

Lance Rice, a member of our Suzuki sales team helped Noel, but Noel had done a lot of research about the Swift and was pretty sure it was what he wanted. He knew that the current model had improved since its predecessor. However, what ‘sold’ it to him were the driving dynamics, the bucket seats and the suspension. Not to mention the 6-speed manual gearbox, 17” polished alloys, and a 5-star ANCAP Safety Rating.

Noel and his Swift Sport

Prior to getting it he was telling his Facebook community ‘I wait to pick up my 2019 boosterjet’ and has told us he intends to keep it for the long term, adding that he’s never been more excited about a vehicle. Noel asked us to add a few other things to make his electric blue Swift Sport even more styley and functional, so we’ve added a roof box, window tinting and ??

At Brendan Foot we love it when a vehicle is not only practical but creates that much enthusiasm from those who use it.

So keep a look out for this great vehicle and the big smile on Noel’s face as he drives around Wellington.