There is so much choice when it comes to buying a new vehicle, it’s sometimes easy to forget to consider three important things about the vehicle you want to drive away in.

Low running costs and convenience

Firstly, there are the running costs. Nowadays new vehicle fuel efficiency can be impressive, and with the increasing cost of a litre of petrol, owning a vehicle that’s economic can mean hundreds of dollars of savings each year. It’s easy to compare fuel efficiency between models as all new vehicles have that information on display, or it’s easily found at the manufacturer or dealer websites. But you may not know that SUVs can be as efficient as 3.8 litres/100km, and electric vehicles can be as cheap to run as 33c/100km.

Fuel efficiency details

A fuel economy label must be displayed on all vehicles, provided a label is available, except for electric vehicles.


Of course there’s more to running costs. Servicing is important to the day to day running of your vehicle and its resale value.

These days some manufacturers provide free servicing on new vehicles for a period of time, meaning you can drive away knowing that you don’t need to worry about servicing costs for a while. Customer focused dealers also offer fixed price servicing. This is a handy way to budget, as the owner has the certainty of knowing the cost of servicing ahead of time.

When it comes to servicing, it’s not unreasonable to want your vehicle to be serviced at a time that suits you. Think about choosing someone with convenient Saturday servicing, or night servicing so you can use your vehicle during the work day. Alternatively you might want to get your vehicle serviced without leaving it for the whole day, and if so look out for those places which can offer a set drop off and pick up time.

Connecting to software to to software upgrades, recalls or manufacturer campaigns

Vehicles are connected to software to check for upgrades, recalls and manufacturer campaigns.


Many people find there are benefits of buying and servicing from the same dealer. So look out for a dealer that has vehicle servicing as part of what they do, as they’ll know their vehicles better than anyone. They’ll also be in contact with you when it comes to software upgrades, recalls or manufacturer campaigns about your model type.

Personalised payment arrangements

The second consideration is working with someone who can provide the best finance arrangement to get you into a new vehicle.

A dealer that has finance facilities with major lenders will offer many benefits, often giving you better options than your bank. You may wish to consider a personalised repayment plan that takes into account times of the year when you are more, or less, likely to make repayments and how often you change your vehicle.  Then there are no or low interest options that might be appealing.

Whether you are a private or company purchaser, a dealer with experienced finance staff will confidentially discuss your options and be able to make recommendations tailored to you.

Business Managers at Brendan Foot Supersite

(L-R) Business Managers, Emma Waters, Catherine Beal, Chelsea Whittington and Steve Hall.


Peace of mind

Lastly, there’s the peace of mind from having a new vehicle warranty. One of the best things about a new car is knowing that in the unlikely event of a problem, you’re covered. Manufacturers are constantly reviewing their new car warranties, and while three years is standard, there are a number of brands, and even models within brands, that offer five years. Mitsubishi lead the way though with a 10 year warranty – that’s a lot of driving! As always you need to check the terms of the warranty before you buy.

It’s also worth knowing that some dealers can provide No Cost Plans that go above and beyond the manufacturer warranty. These plans cover the cost of mechanical breakdown and are worth looking out for, especially if looking for a point of difference between two dealers offering the same vehicle.

Calling for roadside assistance in the event of a breakdown

Calling for roadside assistance in the event of a breakdown is easy with most new vehicle manufacturers.


Another thing to consider is what happens in the unfortunate event of a break down. Most new vehicle manufacturers offer roadside assist, where a trained technician will come out and get you back on the road as quickly as possible. Check that this is part of the after-sales service offered with the vehicle you’re considering.

A new vehicle also provides the latest safety features. The industry standard ANCAP rating is a measure to look out for on new vehicles, and you should make sure yours has a 5-star ANCAP rating. The good news is that the standards get higher each year, so a 5-star ANCAP rating on a vehicle today is almost certainly safer than a 5-star rated vehicle from even few years ago.

ANCAP Safety Rating

The industry standard ANCAP rating is a measure to look out for on new vehicles.


Getting the vehicle that’s right for you is one thing, but don’t forget that driving it away is just the start of your new vehicle journey.

For most people dealing with one company for everything to do with your vehicle is convenient, saves time, and is less stressful overall.

So before you buy a new vehicle, get the right advice, know your expected running costs, work out a finance deal that suits you, and drive away with peace of mind.

There are not many car dealers that offer the customer this range of support, but Brendan Foot Supersite does. We have three convenient service sites, competitive finance options, extended vehicle protection and the biggest range of popular new vehicles in the greater Wellington region. Come and see us today.