Hayden Paddon is one of New Zealand’s finest rally drivers and for one evening we were able to enjoy his company and gain an insight into the rallying world as he toured the country launching his new book: Driven – My Story.

This fascinating book sheds light on Hayden’s career so far, and details how his personal struggles are closely linked to his performance, competing in one of the highest pressure forms of motorsport.

We heard how Hayden prefers to have multiple projects on the go, and while it seems like an individual pursuit, how he relies on his 250+ person team to further his success in the sport.

We also heard first-hand about Hayden’s latest project to build the world’s first fully-electric rally car and his ambition to win the WRC driving it. It’s apparent that the sport needs to push its boundaries, and Hayden is keen to be a part of this.

Our guests were able to chat with Hayden as they had copies of his book signed, and what came across more than anything, was how down to earth and genuine Hayden is with his followers and fans of the sport.

It was a pleasure to have him here for the evening, and we are grateful to Hyundai NZ and Penguin Publishing for their part in making it possible.