The rate of technology change in vehicles has probably never been higher than it is now.  So it’s great to know there is a way to drive the latest models in a very smart way – with Guaranteed Future Value. You’ll usually pay less than with a hire purchase arrangement, and even better, it’s a great way to manage your budget.

With Guaranteed Future Value you get a latest model vehicle, along with the full warranty, and in some cases a service plan, and at the end of the agreed period you get choices. You can choose to give the vehicle back, swap it for another new vehicle or pay a pre-agreed amount to retain the vehicle.

During the contract term you pay the same low weekly rate which is good for budgeting. You are also likely to pay less for servicing and repairs as you will have a new vehicle, rather than an older one more prone to incur costs.

Not only will you get the latest vehicle that you can swap out at the end of the contract term, but you can easily change vehicle types to get a vehicle that suits your current lifestyle e.g. a bigger or smaller vehicle, one with more towing capacity, or off-road capability, for example. Compare this to having to make do with a vehicle that’s not right for your current needs, or selling the vehicle because your circumstances have changed.

With Guaranteed Future Value you have control. Control at the start with the vehicle choice, amount of deposit, and the term. And you’re more in control of your vehicle costs during the period you own the vehicle. At the end of the contract you have control over whether to keep the vehicle, change to a new model or give it back.

It’s not unlike a phone contract, or subscribing to a service like Netflix or Spotify. You get the best options and you are in charge.

If you like the idea of driving the latest vehicle, and being more in control of your budget and vehicle options, then check out Guaranteed Future Value. It’s available on all of our models.

Try it out, you’ll never look back.