For the past eight years Brendan Foot Supersite has had the pleasure and responsibility of dealing with a company that is serious about looking after their customers.

Service Resources is a long standing customer of Brendan Foot Supersite and a leading provider of Facilities Maintenance and Facilities Management.

We’re thrilled that we have provided them with the service they need to do their job – keeping their customers’ facilities operating around the clock. That service has been fostered by a personal relationship with Kerry Fackney, our Kia Sales Manager. Kerry first started selling to Glenn and the team in 2010. Since then they have purchased over 50 vehicles from us.

Service Resources CEO Glenn Donaldson says they enjoy a very positive experience with Brendan Foot Supersite.

“Brendan Foot Supersite has always been there for us, especially Kerry. We had previous experience of organisations who promised a lot but never delivered. Kerry on the other hand didn’t over promise but delivers on what he and Brendan Foot Supersite can do.

Service Resources

Service Resources CEO, Glenn Donaldson (right) with Dealer Principal, Matthew Foot (left) and Kia Sales Manager, Kerry Fackney (centre).


Glenn who has a strong financial background says “In our business we hear a lot of sales talk, but with Brendan Foot Supersite they cut the crap and give us what we need.”

Service Resources have strong customer relationships, many of which were founded more than ten years ago. They tell their customers ‘it’s our job to make you look good’ and their growth is testimony to delivering on that promise.

Our part at Brendan Foot Supersite is to help make Service Resources look good, and Glenn acknowledges how reliable we are in doing that.

“If there are problems that require a replacement vehicle when our ones are getting serviced, Brendan Foot Supersite always come through.”

He sums it up as “quick service and never a hassle.”

Matthew Foot, Dealer Principal at Brendan Foot Supersite agrees on the importance of strong customer relationships, saying “We take pride with all our customers, private or business, big or small. It’s always great to know that what we do makes a difference.”

Thanks to Glenn and Service Resources for giving us the opportunity to deliver what they need.

Glenn ends by saying “BFS is a big part of our business.”