Clean Car Programme

The Clean Car Programme is a Government scheme designed to reduce the amount of CO2 emissions made by light vehicles in New Zealand. It incentivises the purchase of cleaner, greener vehicles by making them more affordable. Rebates are provided for zero or low emission vehicles, whereas fees are added to high emission vehicles. The calculation is made according to the amount of CO2 each model emits (measured in grams per kilometre) and applies to vehicles registered for the first time in New Zealand after 1 April 2022. The vehicle must also have a minimum 3 star safety rating on the Rightcar website, and cost less than $80,000 (including GST and on road costs).

The Clean Car Programme scheme applies to new or used vehicles that are unregistered, so effectively if you purchase a vehicle with a plate already on it, then fees or rebates won’t apply. It is also a requirement that motor vehicle dealerships in NZ must display the CO2 emissions on all vehicles plus information about whether they are eligible for a rebate or attract a fee.

The amount of the rebate or cash back applies to vehicles with emissions between 0 and 146 g/km and ranges from $440 to $8,625 (incl GST). Clean Car Fees start with vehicles which emit more than 192g/km of CO2 and reach a maximum of $5,175. There are a group of vehicles in the middle (emissions between 146-192 g/km) which do not receive a rebate or attract a fee.   

Our EVs, hybrids and PHEVs

We have a large range of EV, hybrid and plug-in vehicles that qualify for the Clean Car Rebate, plus some petrol models that also qualify. And a range of models that fall into the middle category, which don’t get for a rebate but also do not attract a fee. See the ranges below. 

(Please note that rebates have to be claimed from Waka Kotahi after purchase whereas fees are collected upon payment for the vehicle.)