We are big fans of the Haval H6, one of the newest SUV models in the market. It has proven to be a popular choice for Kiwis since it launched earlier this year. The recipe for its success is the well-designed cabin offering plenty of space, a very comfortable driving position and importantly, a fantastic amount of specification for the price. Many of our H6 customers are really impressed with the quality and feel the H6 has as well as the really balanced drive it provides for a tall SUV.

Recently Haval NZ announced that the Haval H6 will be adding a hybrid powertrain to its lineup. This is big news for the medium SUV sector where there is a limited choice of hybrids, especially with the recent push towards cleaner cars. Full information on the new hybrid is still limited at the time of writing but we can summarise the key things to expect in the new H6 Hybrid.

A good value price

The indicated price is $45,990 + ORC. Although this may change, even as an indicator it shows real value in the hybrid market. The Hybrid is based on the H6 Ultra specification so it will be full of features for that price. A similarly specified Toyota RAV4 Hybrid is nearly $10,000 dearer.

New colours

We are still yet to see these in the flesh but for now we can start to imagine:

  • Crayon Grey
  • Atlantis Blue
  • Sepia

Economy with performance

The 1.5L unit is paired with an electric motor to achieve a reported fuel economy of 5.2L/100km. A new transmission will manage the engine to find optimal performance with that economy. We’re expecting a 179kW power output while the 530Nm of torque could lead to a towing capacity of up to 1,500kg (braked).

Differentiated design

A rather unique feature of the H6 Hybrid is that it will have a more futuristic look at the front compared to the petrol H6. There are subtle changes to the grille, headlights and taillights that allude to the cleaner engine underneath. Combined with the new colours, we think this look is going to make an already stylish look even more appealing.

If what we know to date about the new H6 Hybrid has piqued your interest then it’s worth registering with us so you can find out more as we do. You’ll also get advanced notification of when the vehicle is ready to test drive. If you already think the H6 Hybrid is the vehicle for you, you can place a pre-order here to get priority allocation of the initial stock.