The new Mitsubishi Triton has been a winner since it was launched in early 2018, and with over 2,000 enhancements to the previous model it’s not surprising. This new ute has won over the reviewers and customers, and Mitsubishi Motors NZ has met the market to offer pricing and range that make it hard to say no.
Winning the Stuff Top Ute of 2019 over the other contenders in the New Zealand market was a great way to be recognised. Beating the perennial favourites, Ford Ranger and Toyota Hilux, the judges noted Triton’s value for money.

They also highlighted something not often said about most utes – Triton’s Super Select II Powertrain that makes it “drive so well on the road’.
Reviews and awards are one thing, but the customer’s experience is key. Ray Tomlinson, founder of JT Property Wash, a successful commercial property wash business, was looking for a new ute and added a new Triton to his fleet. With an L300 van already, Ray knows the reliability of Mitsubishi vehicles. He’s driven the competitor utes too but found the drive, range of specifications, and price of the Triton outstanding.

‘The ride was so much better than the others’, says Ray, and being in business for over 30 years he knows that being comfortable in your work vehicle is vital. He’s also enjoying the Triton’s towing ability and accessories, having added a towbar and rollaway and lockable cover to the tray.

The judges of the Stuff Top Ute of 2019 sum it up:

“The Triton does everything a one-tonner is supposed to: grunty turbo-diesel power, extreme low-range off-road ability and generous tow capacity up to 3.5 tonnes. But its real trump card in this age of ‘lifestyle’ utes is its on-road demeanour. Triton is still one of the best-riding utes around regardless of price.”